15 MIN
July 12th
Cinema House, Grand Hall

Combine touching, beautiful, humorous, spiritual and horrible scenes from existing and even non-existing films and show via animation within a 15-minute period.

Cast & Crew
Producers: Susanna Khachatryan
Director: Naira Muradyan
Script: Naira Muradyan
Art Director: Naira Muradyan
Music: Levon Hakhverdyan
Sound: Levon Hakhverdyan
Editing: Naira Muradyan
Cast: Arman Navasardyan, Raffi Movsisyan, Tigran Husikyan
Production. Onoff Studio LLC

Naira Muradyan
Born in Yerevan in 1961. In 1977, Naira Muradyan went to the P. Terlemezian Art School, where studied painting. Starting from the 1980, she worked as a production designer in the animation department at the Hayfilm Studio. Together with other members of the department Muradyan formed a surrealistic language of the Armenian school of animation, which is the most rebellious and cheerful in the Soviet scene. From 1997 to 2008, she was a set decorator and costume designer in theater. During the same time, she worked as an animator and production designer on television. In 2005, Naira Muradyan delved into her own animations and since then has produced 10 short films. Her shorts The Road, Little Soldier and Ballet have received prizes at several international film festivals. Naira Muradyan’s preceding film, The Winged, premiered at the Golden Apricot IFF in 2021.

That Nothing Is Me (1994), Three Poets and Charents (2004), Road (2005), Soldier (2006), Everything Is in the Past (2006), From the Life of Trolls (2008), On This Day (2010), Ballet (2012), New Year (2015), Kiko (2017), Firdus (2020), Winged (2021), Cumulus Clouds (2023).