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After Hours
The true GAIFF movie buffs already know that the After Midnight Wrap-Ups are the place to be for engaged discussions on the wealth of cinema to be found at this years’ edition of GAIFF. Organized by the AFG Film Club, these informal cinephile gatherings bring together film professionals and movie lovers alike for an open-for-all discourse on the festival outings. More often than not filmmakers also drop by to discuss their work and engage in critical conversations, making the Wrap-Ups unmissable finales of your festival days. So drop by after midnight at the Open-Air "Ketiknots" Vernisage Cafe on Mashtots Avenue from July 9-16.

The most industrious festival guests
Parallel to the many film screenings, exhibitions, talks and other public festival activities runs the GAIFF Pro programme. Organized for the seventh time this year, GAIFF Pro sees film makers and other industry guests from the entire world coming together to Yerevan to exchange experiences and information. Panels, pitching sessions, work-in-progress showcases and one-on-one sessions are all meant to advance the film projects of emerging filmmakers and to inspire the industry as a whole towards a brighter future of film.

Samurai Serenades
Legendary Japanese filmmaker Takeshi Kitano is the Guest of Honor at this festival edition of GAIFF. The highly esteemed director and actor — with films like Hana-bi and Sonatine forever a beloved icon inside and outside of Japan — is in Yerevan to present his recent film Kubi, which marks Kitano’s return to the samurai genre for the first time since 2003’s Zatoichi. Before catching the Yerevan Premiereon Monday 10 July 21:00 of this grand cinematic rentree to the feudal Japan of yore, don’t miss out on the AGBU Rendezvous with the Japanese auteur on the same day at 15:00.