Daily #2 Column

English Daily #2
Rendezvous times two

There’s film producers and film producers. The AGBU Rendezvous with film maverick Jeremy Thomas on 12-7 15:00 will make that distinction all too apparent for you. With an impressive body of work consisting of legendary films by, amongst others, David Cronenberg, Bernardo Bertolucci and Nicolas Roeg, Thomas will have plenty of stories to share about the many times he has helped write film history. On 14-7 15:00 esteemed filmmaker Claire Simon will meet the AGBU audience for her Rendezvous to explore her fascinating style of documentary filmmaking that recently resulted in her eye-opening Berlinale-entry Our Bodies.

All-in-one Musaeum

The art-savvy, Yerevan-based folks of Rambalkoshe have organized the best possible takeover of the Cinema House. Until 15-7 they turned the GAIFF venue into a multidisciplinary art venue, bringing together exhibitions, VHS installations with the wild cinema of Guest of Honor Takeshi Kitano, concept rooms, music acts and video projections. Every GAIFF day from 18:00 to 23:00 you can immerse yourself in this all you can feel buffet. And if you stick around after closing hours, the venue could even pop off into the afterparty place du nuit…

A good day for a Diaz

You’ve read the Daily interview, you’ve seen him speak live at AGBU on July 11, now it’s time to finalize your dive into the Philippine Lav Diaz’s art by attending the opening screening of his retrospective program. On 12-7 at 20:00 GAIFF will screen The Woman Who Left at the Grand Hall of Cinema House right after an introduction by Diaz himself. Modestly timed, compared to his other cinematic ventures, the film clocks in at just around 3 hours and 45 minutes, so it's definitely a rare opportunity to see the film on a big screen and get carried away in Diaz’s mesmerizing black and white and the still darkness of the hall.