From Hilde with Love: For a free society

English Daily #2
From Hilde with Լove (Andreas Dresen, Germany, 2024), Yerevan Premiere, 11-7 19:00 House of Cinema Grand Hall

In a world, where extreme right-wing forces are gradually taking power in supposedly progressive European countries, and democracy seems threatened, films like From Hilde with Love become a necessity. The historical drama by German director Andreas Dresen takes place in 1942-43 in Nazi Germany and tells the real-life story of a young woman called Hilde, who falls in love and marries a member of the Red Orchestra, one of Germany’s anti-Nazi movements. Surely, Hilde joins the movement too, secretly distributing pamphlets and broadcasting banned radio channels to enlighten the German people. But when the members of the group are arrested and executed, Hilde, who is eight months pregnant, also ends up in prison.

Despite the gray reality and cruelty of incarceration, Hilde continues to fight for her and her child's life, knowing full well that she will undoubtedly suffer the fate of her like-minded friends. Dresen, known for creating strong female characters, presents a story of will, endurance, faith and good, proving once again that rebelling and striving for a free society is almost just as beautiful as freedom itself.

Sona Karapoghosyan