Georgia / Poland
Magic Mountain
73 MIN

After recovering from tuberculosis Mariam has a recurring nightmare about being kept high up in the mountains, in the middle of the forest in an old palace where outcasts live. The building is majestic but inhabitants are rejected from society. One day Mariam goes to meet the secret community to overcome her fear. In becoming friends with the tuberculosis patients of Abastumani and in sharing joy and pain with them, Mariam finally overcomes her fear. But Abastumani shares a forgotten story that was never told, the ghosts of the past reveal something much more sinister than Mariam’s personal nightmare, they expose the nightmare of a whole country.

Cast & Crew
Producer(s): Mariam Chachia, Ewa Szwarc
Directors: Mariam Chachia, Nik Voigt
Script: Mariam Chachia, Nik Voigt
Director of Photography: Nik Voigt
Music by: Paul (Foda) Fothergil
Sound: Mariam Chachia, Nino Gogua, Niko Tarielashvili
Edit: Nik Voigt, Mariam Chachia
Production: Opyodoc, Telewizja Polska S.A.

Mariam Chachia
Born in 1982, Mariam Chachia graduated with honours from Shota Rustaveli Georgia State University of Theatre and Film - Drama Faculty in 2003, where she studied Theatre Directing. After university she worked in theatre as a director. In 2012, Mariam began her career in the documentary field. Her first feature documentary film Kirov Street #8 was co-produced with France. In 2014, she founded a film production company OpyoDoc and started producing her own documentaries. Her first film Listen to The Silence was premiered at DOK Leipzig 2016 and won The Golden Dove in the Next Masters Competition. In 2017, Mariam Chacia started producing the films of other directors as well. Currently she is in a post-production stage with the documentary project Abstumani - 101 Rooms co-directing with Nik Voigt.

Rubber (short TV series, 2007–2008), What Is an Election? (TV doc., 2009), This Is the Earth (anim., 2010), Kirov Street 8 (doc., 2013), Listen to the Silence (doc.,2016), Magic Mountain (Co-dir., doc., 2023)

Nik Voigt
Nik Voigt is a cinematographer, director and editor. He graduated with honours from photography and film production at De Montfort University in 2006 and worked in a range of film and media fields before finding his calling working on documentary films in 2014. Since then, Nik Voight gained 9 credits on documentary feature films as the director of photography.

Dreaming in Red (doc․, 2006), Magic Mountain (Co-dir.,doc., 2023)