168 MIN

In a Parisian public hospital, Claire Simon questions what it means to live in women’s bodies, filming their diversity, singularity and their beauty in all stages throughout life. Unique stories of desires, fears and struggles unfold, including the one of the filmmaker herself.

Cast & Crew
Producer(s): Kristina Larsen
Director: Claire Simon
Script: Claire Simon
Director of Photography: Claire Simon
Music by: Elias Boughedir
Sound: Flavia Cordey
Edit: Luc Forveille
Production: Madison Film

Claire Simon
Claire Simon comes to cinema through editing. Her films Récréations and Coûte que coûte, released in theatres, have been part of the documentary revolution in French cinema. Since then, she has alternated between documentaries and fictions for the cinema.

Claire Simon films the others as heroes: the little children of Récréations, the stressed boss of Coûte que coûte, the child thief of Sinon Oui, the young girl, fire raiser of Ça brûle, Mimi in love with women, Nathalie Baye adviser of family planning, the passion of Nicole Garcia for Reda Kateb in Gare du Nord, Stéphanie selling her charms in the woods, young people attacking the fortification that is the Femis film school, young high school students like Hugo who cry over the silence of their families, the son of the grocer and the mayor of a modern village, the questioning of Yann Andréa, Duras's lover… And the epic of the female body.... Documentary or fiction, a single question: what is a story? A life? At the same time she taught at Paris 8 and Paris 7, at the Varan workshops, and directed the directing department at Femis.

Madeleine (1976), Tandis que j’agonise (1980), La police (1988), Les patients (1989), Scènes de ménage (1991), Artiste peintre (1992), Faits divers (1993), At All Costs (1995), A Foreign Body (1997 ), Récréations (1998), Ça c’est vraiment toi (1999), Romance (2000), Mimi (2002), On Fire (2006), God's Offices (2008), Human Geography (2013), The Woods Dreams Are Made of (2015), The Competition (2016), Young Solitude (2018), Le village – Première saison (2019), Le village – Saison deux (2019), The Grocer's Son, the Mayor, the Village and the World (2020), I Want to Talk about Duras (2021), Our Body (2023)