Separate bodies with shared destinies: "Our body" review

Our body (2023) / Yerevan premiere
Claire Simon
11.07 21:00 Moscow Cinema, Red Hall
12.07 18:00 Cinema House, Malyan Hall

In the hallways of gynecology wards at hospitals, a myriad of emotions is etched on the faces of women—fear, anxiety, and at times, even shame towards their own bodies. Claire Simon's Berlinale entry Our Body goes way beyond the confines of those hallways. With her camera as a guide, Simon invites viewers into various rooms of the gynecology department, where doctors battle for women's lives and well-being. Earning the unexpected and complete trust of the patients, the director unveils her own struggle with illness, interwoven into the fabric of the film. Through the lens of individual destinies, this piece sheds light on France's healthcare system, renowned for providing free treatment to all its citizens. However, Claire Simon doesn't shy away from exposing the system's flaws — the protests against doctor misconduct and abuses of power find their place within the film's narrative as well.

This candid and straightforwardly structured documentary endeavors to challenge and successfully shatter the overwhelming sense of loneliness and despair that often engulfs women facing health issues. The director points out that despite the differences, all our bodies are fundamentally the same.

Sona Karapoghosyan