Waiting for the flood
73 MIN

6 years of exile, 948 dialyses, 2000 injections, Meruzhan, like his travelling companions, is waiting for a transplant and a right of residence. Between mythical narrative and bureaucratic nonsense, the film traces their struggle for life. To parasitize the real and to save them from desperation, they use symbolic gestures, humor, and they laugh, even of death!

SABAM Prize — Best Director, Millenium Festival, Brussels, 2022

Cast & Crew
Producer(s): Joel Curtz
Director: Chris Pellerin
Script : Chris Pellerin
Director of Photography: Nastasja Saerens, Julien Thiebault, Loic Carrera, Chris Pellerin
Music by: Hervé Hec
Sound: Stephane Oertli
Edit: Juliette Kergoat, Marianna Romano
Cast: Meruzhan Gulhian, Joseph Hagopian, Nedzhib Hyusmen, Dranafil Loshaj, Ardiana Bajraktari
Production: Centre Vidéo Bruxelles

Chris Pellerin
Chris Pellerin is a French director, born in the depths of Brittany in 1970. After several years in England and Italy where she studied theatre and foreign literature, Chris began drawing and painting on her own. Back in France, she enrolled at the Beaux-Arts in Caen in 1994. She continues drawing and practices video on a daily basis, like a logbook.

From this ephemeral captured, from these little things from which the intimate emerges, she decides to set up laboratories of plastic and visual experiments in enclosed places or confinement: in prison, in psychiatry, rest home... The beings put on the margins of our societies become the protagonists of his films, participate in the creative process and tell themselves beyond words, in what emerges from the intimacy and singularity of each.

Fort Interior (short, 2012), Waiting for the Flood (2022)