97 MIN
July 11th
Cinema House, Grand Hall
July 11th
Moscow Cinema, Blue Hall

The film follows Nasser, a young Palestinian-Syrian boy, trapped in Xoftex, a notorious refugee camp in northern Greece. It explores the stress of an uncertain future, how Nasser's mind escapes the harsh reality of the camp, his close bond with his brother, and a concealed burden. The film blends genres, shifting between surrealism, comedy, and social horror. The main actors in this film were asylum seekers in Europe during filming. The lead actor, Abdulrahman, is a Palestinian-Syrian refugee who resided in a refugee camp in Berlin at the time of production. This project originated from a series of theater workshops conducted in refugee camps in Greece, drawing inspiration from real-life stories.

Cast & Crew
Producer: Andro Steinborn
Director: Noaz Deshe
Script: Noaz Deshe, Babak Jalali
Director of Photography: Noaz Deshe
Production Design: Marita Götz, Lea Walloschke
Music: Thomas Moked-Blum, Noaz Deshe
Sound: Lars Ginzel, Oliver Achatz, Louise Hofmann
Editing: Felipe Guerrero, Noaz Deshe
Cast: Abdulrahman Diab, Osama Hafiri, Mohamad Al Rashi, Amal Omran, Jalal Albaroudi, Lujain Mustafa, Ramadan Hamoud, Yasin El Harouk, Hazem Saleh, Mohammad Dibo
Production: Arden Film GmbH

Noaz Deshe
Noaz Deshe is an artist, filmmaker and composer. His feature White Shadow won the Lion of the Future Award at the Venice IFF in 2013 and screened in competition at Sundance in 2014. He was the cinematographer on the award-winning, US-Iranian comedy Radio Dreams, Prior to this, he composed the music for Frontier Blues, which screened at Locarno, and Land, which screened in Berlin.

Boysgirls (doc., 2001), Search Agent Zerox (doc., 2001), White Shadow (2013), Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Wake up the Sun (short, 2016), Koksi (short, 2019), A Bird (short, 2019), Xoftex (2024).