To start life anew. А true story
To start life anew. А true story

To start life anew. А true story

Director Ivan Tverdovskiy

Production year 2014

Length 97min.

Country USA/ Russia


The film Start Living Again is a history of one soviet family during developments of the 20's century. Life has disconnected the whole Orbelyan's family on many decades. Two brothers and their mother were separated, because she was exiled to the Gulag after father's shooting in 1938. Garry, the elder brother has to be in America, in front of the ocean after German's captivity where he started his carrier from the cleaner to the Vice President of California Chamber of Commerce. The younger brother whose name is Konstantin Orbelyan stayed in USSR after parent's disappearance. He went towards his aim.  As a result he has become brilliant composer and national artist of the USSR. 



Ivan Tverdovskiy
Ivan Tverdovskiy



Constantine Orbelian, Mikhail Gridin


Boris Dobrodeev

Director of Photography

Evgenyi Kokusev, Andrei Kostyanov

Music by

Constantine Orbelian


Aleksandr Kundreckov

Production company

Interartists Incorporated Studio Point of view

Ivan Tverdovskiy

Graduated from Aviation institute (MAI). He has been working in cinematography till 1988. First he worked as a video-engineer in corporation VPTO Video film. He also mastered an installation art of video films. In 1994 Ivan worked as a leading director of the installation at RCSDF. He has made several documentary and TV films as a director since 1996. Now Ivan Tverdovsky has made more than 30 documentary and TV films as a director, he has also done a feature-length film in 2008. He has got a lot of prizes and diplomas as a director at domestic and international festivals.


Sergei Martinson (2001-2002, doc.), Vladimir Basov (2001-2002, doc.), Sergei Filippov (2001-2002, doc.), Architector Ivan Leonidov (2001, doc.), Story of One Flight (2002, doc.), The Long Vacations of the 30's (2003, doc.), A Little Victory War (2004, doc.), Between Dept and Feelings (2004, doc.), Marshals of the Victory (2005, doc.), 40's. Pages from the Memory Notebook (2005, doc.), Richard Zorge's Riddles (2005, doc.), Loyalty to the Soldier's Memory (2006, doc.), Leonid Solovyev. Troublemaker (2006, doc.), Quiet Boris Barnett's Film (2007, doc.), The Incident of Town "M" (2008), Volunteers. 2 Parts (2009, doc.), General Douglass. Interrupted Flight (2009, doc.), Sokha and Cross of Vasiliy Belov (2009, doc.), Gosfilmofond (2010, doc.), From the Notes of the Old Pianist (2011, doc.), Area of Silence (2011, doc.), The Russian Road (2011, doc.), The Town of the Sun in a Russian Style (2012, doc.), Mordovya Through the Millennium, (2012, doc.), Trough, Skis, Bike (2013, doc.), Grumant. The Island of Communism (2014, doc.), Dmitriev (2014, doc.), Start Living Again (2014).

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