Back To Gürün
Back To Gürün

Back To Gürün

Director Adrineh Gregorian

Production year 2015

Length 64min.

Country Armenia


This documentary follows the journey of Adrineh, who travels Back to Gürün nearly a hundred years after his family's sole survivor grandfather fled the town during the 1915 Armenian Genocide. The story uncovers the lasting impact of a “silenced” genocide, the trauma passed down from generation to generation to and an individual’s search for a resolution.


Adrineh Gregorian
Adrineh Gregorian



Kara Setian Marston


Drew Jones, Kara Setian Marston, Adrineh Gregorian

Director of Photography

Vahagn Ter-Hakopyan


Charles MacDonald, Tigran Baghinyan

Production company(ies)

Back to Gürün LLC

Adrineh Gregorian

Adrineh Gregorian’s first documentary film, Bavakan, examines the high rate of gender selection abortion in Armenia. In 2008-09, she was awarded a United States Fulbright Grant to make the film. In 2011, during Golden Apricot IFF within frameworks of Director’s Across Borders, she won the main ATCP prize to develop Back to Gürün. In addition to filmmaking Adrineh is an accomplished painter.


We Remember (2007, doc.), Bavakan (2013, doc.), Back to Gürün (2015, doc.).

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