The Armenian History told by women
85 MIN

In an Armenian village with a patriarchal tradition, five women who are daughters, mothers and grandmothers debate together about life and war while they prepare lavash the Armenian traditional bread.

Cast & Crew
Producer(s): Anzhela Frangyan, De Gaulle Eid, Stéphane Jourdain
Director: Inna Mkhitaryan
Script: Inna Mkhitaryan
Director of Photography: Andranik Sahakyan
Sound: Graciela Barrault, Armen Papyan
Edit: Justine Hiriart
Cast: Sofia Mkhitaryan, Arus Asatryan, Hazarvard Haroyan, Elinar Amiryan
Production : DoKino, La Huit, Cined Productions

Inna Mkhitaryan
Inna Mkhitaryan is a photojournalist from Armenia. She started her career of photojournalist in 2006 after completing a photojournalism course organized by the Caucasus Institute and World Press Photo in Yerevan. She received a sponsorship from the Open Society Foundations. In 2010, she was awarded 1st and 2nd prize of Na/Ne Media Award. Tonaratun is her first feature film.

Tonaratun (doc., 2023).