Derek Malcolm is the Honorary President of FIPRESCI, the International Film Critics Association and the President of the British branch of the Federation of Film Societies. He was chief film critic of The Guardian, London for 30 years, and is now chief critic of the London Evening Standard. He has widely travelled and has attended film festivals all over the world, often as a jury member. He is a former Director of the London Festival and a member of the Board of the British Film Institute. He is also a frequent broadcaster for the BBC on radio and television. He has written three books: Robert Mitchum, A Century of Films and New Indian Cinema.



Filmmaker and academic. Born in Warsaw, Pawlikowski left Poland at 14. Lived in London, Germany and Italy, studied literature and philosophy at London and Oxford, making films since 1987. His filmography includes over dozen films. Among his awards are the European Film Academy Special mention (Dostoevsky’s Travels, 1991); Gran Prix, Documentary FF Marseille and Gran Prix, Festival dei Popoli, Florence (Serbian Epics, 1992); Grierson Award, Best British Documentary, 1995 and Golden Gate Award, San Francisco Film Festival (Tripping with Zhirinovsky, 1995); BAFTA Best Newcomer, 2001; Best Film Edinburgh FF, Best Film Thessaloniki FF, Best Film Gijon FF (Last Resort, 2000); Best Film Edinburgh FF, 2004, Best Screenplay Evening Standard Awards, 2005; BAFTA Best British Film 2005; Best Director Directors’ Guild of Great Britain, 2005 (My Summer of Love, 2004). Pawlikowski’s retrospectives have been held in San Francisco, 1995, La Rochelle, 2005, Bradford, 2005, Buenos Aires, 2007, Gijon, 2007, and London Riverside, 2008.



In 1994, Frederic Boyer created “Videosphere”, a video store dedicated to the Arthouse cinema, which is actually the largest in Europe. Since 2003 he has been in the Cannes IFF Director's Fortnight Committee as programmer specializing in the following territories: USA, UK, Australia, Eastern Countries and Scandinavia. He is the Artistic Director for the Director's Fortnight, since 2010.


South Korea

After Film Studies at the University of Iowa in the U.S. and receiving Ph.D. from Chung-Ang University in Korea, Cho Young-jung has worked as a part-time instructor at various colleges and has been involved in the Busan IFF, since 1998. In 2002, she worked for the Busan IFF as program coordinator in charge of Korean Cinema Retrospective. While programming the films of Chung Chang-wha and Co-Productions between Korea and Hong Kong for the Korean Cinema Retrospective, she began to get involved in Asian cinema. In 2007, due to her academic and educational background, she became chief manager of the Asian Film Academy (AFA). Her involvement with AFA consequently led her to a position of the programmer for the Asian cinema section at the festival. She is mainly responsible for the special programs, the shorts and the documentaries. Since 2007, she has also been a member of the selection committee for the Asian Cinema Fund, supporting independent feature films and documentaries from Asia.



Cinematographer. Born in Yerevan in 1958. Since 1977 he has been working in cinema. In 1988 graduated from the Cinematographers Department of Moscow All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). Since 1988, he has worked as a Director of Photography in Hayfilm Studio. His filmography includes more than 145 movies – 10 features, 18 short films, 10 feature, and 24 short video films. Vahagn Ter-Hakobyan’s films participated in 15 IFFs and won prizes. He co-operated with 65 famous and still unknown filmmakers, including Artavazd Peleshyan




Born in Sofia, in 1947. In 1970, graduated in Electronics from the Higher Institute of Engineer Studies, Sofia. In 1974 started a regular practice as a film critic and reporter for the press, radio, television. In 1978 graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Art, Cinema Studies Department. During 1978 - 1990 worked at Vreme Film Production Studio as script editor, producer and Studio manager. Scriptwriter of 12 documentaries and script editor (producer) of 124 short films. Member of the Union of Journalists in Bulgaria (1980). Member of the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers (1982). Lecturer at National Academy for Theatre and Film Art, Cinema Studies Department, courses in Film Criticism, Theory of the Screen Image (1980), lecturer in Audiovisual Script Writing and Theory of the Screen Image at New Bulgarian University (1994). Ph.D in Film Theory (1995), Associate professor in Film Criticism (1997), D. Sc. in Film Studies (2003), Professor in Film Criticism (2005). During 1994 – 2000 was the Chairman of Film Criticism Guild at the Union of Bulgarian Filmmakers and representative for FIPRESCI. Head of Cinema Studies Department at National Academy for Theatre and Film Art (2000). During 2001 - 2005 was the Vice-President of FIPRESCI. During 2004 – 2007 and 2008 – 2010 was the member of the National Film Board (Bulgaria). Member of International Juries at film festivals in Venice, Berlin, Thessaloniki, Istanbul, Pusan, Sochi, Karlovy Vary, San Sebastian, Valladolid, Palm Springs, Toulouse, Gothenburg, Wiesbaden, Antalya, etc. Author of several books (Theory of the Cinema Image (1996), Digital Audiovision (2000), The Digital Element (2003), Evolution of the Screen Image (2004), Non-Fictional Child (2004), Festival Meetings (2007), Cinema and Other Temptations (2008).



Born in Moscow in 1975. Ichthyologist by his primary education. In 2002 graduated from the Photography department, All-Russian State Institute of Cinema (VGIK). In 2005 got trained at the Discovery Campus Europhean Documentary Trainings. Lives in Moscow. Worked as an operator on films by V. Aslyuk, A. Uchitel, S. Loznitsa, V. Manskiy, A. Popogrebskiy. His latest directorial work is I Love You feature film (2011). Prize winner for his films Transformator (2003), Peaceful Life (2004), Mother (2007), The Two of Us (2010). 2010 Golden Apricot winner for Together as best documentary film.



Born in Gorizia, Italy, in 1960. Graduated from the University of Trieste, the Faculty of Arts, with a thesis on film history. Completed a Master's course in philosophy and theory of visual culture at the University of Primorska in Koper, Slovenia. Presently, a PhD candidate in film studies at the University of Udine, Italy. A member of the Italian Association of Journalists and a freelance contributor to various newspapers and radio-television programmes in Italy and Slovenia. A member of the Regional Cinema Committee of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region. A member of the AV projects Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Culture - the Republic of Slovenia. An art history, Slovene and Latin Language and Literature high school teacher. The president of “Kinoatelje”, a cultural association which operates between Italy and Slovenia, develops intercultural projects. Within “Kinoatelje”, produced nearly 20 films. Pursues publishing activities at “Kinoatelje” as publisher, co-author, editor (Catalogues of the cross-border festival of Slovene film and audiovisual production Film Video Monitor (1986-2000), The Cinema of the Five Slovenias (1995, co-au/e), Why not Wait till Morning? (1997, co-au/e/pb), Our Daily Cinema (2001, pb), My War (2001, pb), The Republic of Dreams (2004, pb), Nora Gregor. The Imperfection of Beauty (2005, pb), Slovene Screens in Gorizia (2006, pb), Celluloid Borders (2007, pb).



Born in Tehran in 1957, Amir Esfandiari is a graduate in Business Management from Massachusetts Northeastern University. Back in Iran, he worked on a number of coproduction film projects and then started his collaboration with Farabi Cinema Foundation as chief executive of Co-production Department, leading to production of such films as Ron Fricke's Baraka (1992). In 1997, Esfandiari began his work as Head of International Affairs in FCF. Since then he has served as a jury member in a number of international events such as Olympia IFF as president of the jury, Cairo International Children FF, etc.. He is also the Director of international affairs in Fajr IFF (since 1997), Director of international affairs in Children and Young Adults International FF (since 1997), Director of international affairs in Kish IFF (2011), Director of Iranian International Market for Films & TV Programmes (since 1997), Chairperson of Iranian selection committee of best film for Academy of Motion Pictures (1997- 2010), Board member as well as the vice president of CIFEJ (2002 to 2007), member of board of directors of Asia- Pacific FF (since 2000).



Born in 1968. Graduated from the Theatre Studies Department of. Yerevan Arts and Theatre Institute. Worked in cultural radio programs’ department of the State TV and Radio Company of Armenia. During 2004-2011, collaborated with 168 Hours daily, as a journalist, writing articles on cultural events. A member of the Armenian Association of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists.




Born in 1947.Worked as a film reporter for Jugantar daily (1966 – 1983), film critic-journalist for Bartaman weekly (1984-1993), film-critic for Sangbad Pratidin (1993-2009), edited Cinema Ebong weekly (2009-2010). At present he is attached with Sangbad Pratidin, as a film-critic. Extensively writes on cinema in different weekly/monthly/fortnightly film magazines. He was the secretary of the Bengal Film Journalists’ Association (1986 - 2007). Since 1994 he has been visiting almost all the A - grade film festivals. He is the author of a few books on Indian/ Bengali cinema. He also translated a number of foreign scripts (Kurosawa, Thomas Gutierrez Alea, Stanely Kubrick and others). Served on the FIPRESCI Jury of Pusan IFF, International Jury of the Orenburg FF, the Indian National Film Awards Jury.



Elena Stishova, film critic, film historian, Honored Artist of Russia, Academician of the "Nica" Russian Film Academy, FIPRESCI Member. One of the most inspired, rigorous and thoughtful Russian critics. Elena Stishova’s professional experience includes her work as a Cultural Affairs’ correspondent for the ITAR-TASS Telegraph Agency, columnist of Nezavisimaya Gazeta, teaching experience: for a few years she conducted a master class at the All-Russian State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK). For thirty-six years she is the longtime editor of the Kinoiskusstvo magazine, as the head of the Russian cinema department. For eight years, Stishova used to edit (with K. Scherbakov) the Kinoforum magazine - a unique edition about the CIS and Baltic countries’ cinema, suspended because of the financial crisis. She dedicated several years to gender agenda studies in the format of the national cinema. She participated in the creation of the first electronic encyclopedia on the history of Russian feminism. The organizer and editor of the Gender Montage documentary film project by the Open Society Institute. She is th author of hundreds of articles and several books on contemporary Russian cinema.



Born in Yerevan in 1952. Studied at Yerevan State University, Chemistry department (1969-1974) and Moscow All-Soviet Institute of Cinema (VGIK), Film direction department (1978-1984). During 1974-1978 worked at the Armenian Agricultural Institute, Yerevan, as a laboratory chemist. Since 1984 has been working for Hayfilm Studio as a director, making films, all of them based on the screenplays by him. His latest work is "The Silhouette" (1995-2001, 6 parts). Since 2001 he has been the head of Directors’ Studio in Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema.



Born in Tbilisi, Georgia, in 1938. In 1948 she moved to Armenia with her family. In 1961 graduated from Yerevan State University, Russian Philology department: In 1971, graduating from Moscow All-Soviet Institute of Cinematography (by correspondence), she received Film Critic and Editor Diploma. For seven years (1965-1972) she worked for Yerevan TV Studio as an editor. From 1972 to 1974 she was in stationary postgraduate studies at the TV Chair of the same institute. Since 1976 she has been working at the National Academy of Sciences of Armenia, Arts Institute, Armenian Diaspora Art department. She is a Senior staff scientist, member, The Cinematographers’ Union of Armeina (1976) and FIPRESCI. In 1970-s and 80-s she used to lecture on art of cinema in different cities of Russia, Baltics, Central Asia and Ukraine. In 2008 she was awarded the Diploma “For the Remarkable Services in Armenian Arts” by the Ministry of Culture. She is the author of many articles on cinema and television, being published since 1964. Her articles was published in Poland and Germany as well. The co-author of Armenian Cinema (1924-1999) complete catalogue (Feature Films). She completed her monographic research on Rouben Mamoulian.



Born in Artvin, Turkey, in 1975. He studied Physics (1992-1996) and History of Science (1996-2003) at Istanbul University. He participated in cinema workshops in Mesopotamia Culture Center (1996-1999) and Nazım Culture House (1999-2001). Autumn, the first feature by the director was screened at more than 60 festivals in Turkey and around the world and got 33 awards. It was seen by 150.000 people in Turkey and was nominated for the European Film Academy European Discovery Award. Among other films by him are Momi (2001), Voyage in the Time with a scientist (2004), Rhapsody and Melancholy in Tokai City (2005) and The Future (2011). Alper is the Artistic Director of Caucasus Film Days in Artvin. Besides, he writes for the cinema magazine Yeni Film.




BA in Modern Litterature and Cinema. Worked in "ciné-clubs", organised and created movie festivals, published magazines specialized in cinema, programmed in independent movie theatres ("cinemas d'art et d'essai"). Co-founder and General Delegate of the Mediterranean Cinema Festival in Montpellier (1980-1995), member of the board in the International FF of Amiens, founder and organizer of the Script Development Fund since 1996. Associated with the distribution company Les Films du Sémaphore (1983-1989), which distributed movies from Pedro Almodovar, Rachid Bouchareb, Youssef Chahine, Emir Kusturica, Roman Polanski, Billy Wilder, etc.. Independent press agent (1989-2000) for Gianni Amelio, Jean-Pierre Améris, Vicente Aranda, Adolfo Aristarain, Montxo Armendariz, Francisco Athié, and others. Responsible for the promotion of movies within international movie festivals (Cannes, Berlin, Venice), and different events (100th Jean Renoir’s celebration, Foreign Affairs Prizes in Cannes, Amiens & Annecy FFs). Member of different juries and film commissions (Fonds Sud, Carrefour des Festivals, CICAE). Since 2000, producer for Ciné-Sud Promotion.



Cinema journalist, film critic. Graduated from Leningrad State University, Journalism department (1981). Observer for the Cultural department of Sankt Peterburgskie Vedomosti. Publishes her work in many print media and internet publications. Academician of Nika Russian Accademy for Cinema Arts, Expert Council member in the National Academy of Film Criticism and film press White Elephant Awards. . Member, the Journalists’ Union of Russia and the Cinematographers’ Union of Russia. The author and compiler of the catalogues for "Message to Human" International festival of Non-feature, Short feature and Animation films (1991 -1997). Since 2001, the compiler of the catalogue for "Vivat Cinema of Russia" festival. Participated in international juries, domestic film viewings and script contests repeatedly. The Honorary Cinematographer of Russia, holds professional and state awards.



Filmmaker and photographer, born in Beirut, 1970. Garine Torossian' s works include a clip for Los Angeles based System of a Down and a full-length feature, Stone, Time, Touch, which won best feature at the Warsaw IFF in 2007. Her first short film Visions was part of a retrospective at Centre Pompidou (Paris) when she was 22. Her subsequent shorts were screened at New York Museum of Modern Art when she was 25. Her films have been screened at the Telluride FF (Colorado), Lux Cinema (London), the Jerusalem FF, the Warsaw IFF, and host of cinematheques, including those in Berlin, Yerevan, Edmonton, Ottawa, Winnipeg and Vancouver. Her second short film Girl from Moush was awarded best experimental film at the Melbourne IFF (1994). In 1999, she was commissioned by experimental rock band Sparklehorse to produce a short music video inspired by his music. The resulting video Sparklehorse received Honorable Mention at the 2000 Berlin IFF. Two years later, her short film featuring the music of Sparklehorse, Babies on the Sun (2002) received best short film prize at the Berlin IFF. Hokees won a gold prize for experimental drama at the Houston FF in 2000 and best short at the AFFMA FF in Los Angeles (2000). Torossian's work has been broadcast on Arte France, Documentary Channel, WTN (Canada), Bravo Canada, Sundance Channel (USA), SBS (Australia).




Born in Aachen, Germany, Birgit Beumers is Reader in the Russian Department at Bristol University. She completed her D.Phil at St Antony’s College, Oxford and, after a fixed-term appointment at the University of Cambridge, joined Bristol University in 1994. She specializes in contemporary Russian culture, and has published widely on cinema and theatre. Her most recent publications include Nikita Mikhalkov (2005), Pop Culture Russia! (2005), A History of Russian Cinema (2009) and, with Mark Lipovetsky, Performing Violence (2009), and, as editor, 24 Frames: Russia (2007); The Post-Soviet Russian Media (2009, with S. Hutchings and N. Rulyova), Alexander Shiryaev, Master of Movement (2009, with D. Robinson and V. Bocharov), and Directory of World Cinema: Russia (2010). She is currently working on Russian animation. She is editor of the online quarterly KinoKultura and of the scholarly journal Studies in Russian and Soviet Cinema.



Övgü Gökçe is a film critic and a member of the editorial board at Altyazı, the prominent independent monthly film magazine in Turkey. She has contributed to many publications as writer and editor, and has been working on Turkish cinema and international cinemas for several years. She is a Ph.D. candidate at Ohio University School of Interdisciplinary Arts, and writing her dissertation on historiography of sentiments in contemporary Turkish film. Övgü Gökçe is currently working as the project coordinator of Diyarbakır Arts Center, Turkey.



Born in Yerevan, Armenia, David P. Vardazarian is a freelance translator, journalist, editor, filmmaker, lecturer. Graduated from Damascus Institute of Arabic for Non-Native Speakers (Syria, 2002-2003), Cairo University Professional Courses of Arabic (Egypt, 2004), Yerevan State University, Department of Arabic Studies, with Ph.D in Mediaeval Arabic literature (2010). Currently works as a lecturer in Arabic literature at the same university. Has been working as a journalist since 14, covering mainly cultural issues (at National Radio, various TV channels). Recently has been working mainly as a guest author for several magazines (now with Slide, Business Class, Luxury). As an editor worked for EL Style and Elite Life magazines (2004-2008). Was the deputy editor-in-chief in CinemArt magazine (2008 - 2009), editor-in-chief for Ararat magazine (2010-2011). As a filmmaker has been making shorts with the Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art since 2007. His latest work, Lady with the Dog. Dog’s Version (2010) was awarded Jury Special mention (One Minute, One Shot IFF, Armenia, 2010), nominated for the President’s Award. Translated foreign cinema production for Public TV Company of Armenia (2006-2010), Golden Apricot, Sunchild IFFs. Pursued photography, scriptwriting for documentaries and TV projects for Paradoxima Company, Public TV Company of Armenia, Naregatsi Art Institute. Represented Golden Apricot Master School of Cinema at La Corrida Audiovisuelle 2011 (Toulose, France, 2011), worked on catalogues Armenian Cinema 1924-2008, for annual British Film Festival in Yerevan, Golden Apricot IFF. Member, Armenian Association of Film Critics and Cinema Journalists. Co-author and head of Armenian People of the Year Project.




Born in 1962. Rev. Andreas Engelschalk studied Protestant Theology in Heidelberg and Hamburg. Before starting the studies he worked as a volunteer for one year in the ecumenical Community of Taizé. Assistant in the staff of filmculture of the EKD (1993) and from 1996 to 2000, assistant in the department of Protestant Theology of the Johann-Wolfgang-von-Goethe Universität, Frankfurt am Main. Since 2000, pastor of the Evangelische Kirche im Rheinland (EKiR), till 2005 in the protestant parish of Braunfels (Hessen), since summer 2005 in school. Member of INTERFILM since 1996, member of the Ecumenical Jury, Mannheim-Heidelberg IFF 1996. Member of the ”Popular culture and religion” Group.



Born 1977, in the town of Masis, Saroyan is a graduate of the Gevorkian Seminary of Holy Etchmiadzin. He studied English and Psychology at the Concordia College (USA). Saroyan received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Theology from the University of Leeds and the Oxford University in Great Britain respectively. Saroyan is the Dean of the Vaskenian Seminary.



Journalist, film reviewer for the SIGNIS website www.signis.net and for a network of French Catholic parishes and French Catholic Medias (radio, TV and magazines). Worked as a film reviewer for the French Christian network of radios (1990-2002), Press attaché for the Ecumenical Jury at the Cannes IFF (2002-2007), film reviewer for the Communication service of the Diocese of Lyon (2003-2008), film reviewer for Art, Culture and Faith website of the Diocese of Lyon, 2008-2011. Member of the FIPRESCI through the French Union des journalistes de cinéma (presently board member). Member of SIGNIS juries in Amiens, Alba, Toulouse, Paris, Venice and the Ecumenical Jury in Karlovy Vary (2005), Locarno (2006) and Berlin (2008). SIGNIS representative at the inter-religious FF Religion Today (Roma, 2007 and 2008). Member of the FIPRESCI Jury in Cairo 2008 and member of the Inter-Faith Jury at the Farj FF in Tehran(2010).