23 MIN

As the celestial bodies slowly take on human form, with first uncertain movements finding assurance, a kind of reconnaissance mission begins, surveying a strange, unknown landscape. Their perplexed eyes scan a vast observatory lost in the middle of the mountains, a rundown and deserted space. The “meeting” that was supposed to take place now seems impossible, as well as any understanding of the events leading up to it. The buildings, facilities, and devices they discover–traces of intense human activity and signs of an attempt to surpass Earthen bounds–are nonetheless incomprehensible to the beings, offering no clue except for the disarming, enigmatic idea that the world might have been founded in its own image. The frescoes painted on the walls, or the mirrors used for the construction of the giant telescope, confuse them even more. Invested with their mission, the beings will nevertheless try a final call, by shaping their body in the poses that the photographic portraits of the Golden Record had formerly frozen, which will remain without answer. Life has not disappeared, however: it only remains invisible to them. Doesn’t their failure, which is also their blindness to other forms of life, reveal the gaps left by the initial message? Is it not the sign of an anthropocentric? vision, revealing in hollow the image of a narcissistic humanity, with disproportionate ambitions?

Cast & Crew
Producer(s): Sona Margaryan, Tatiana Titli, Clémence Ouazana.
Director: Garush Melkonyan
Script: Garush Melkonyan
Director of Photography: Victor Zebo
Music by: Hayk Karoyi
Sound: Clement Gallice, Paul Jousselin
Edit: Simón García-Miñaúr
Cast: Toma Aydinyan, Gaelle Menard, Yana Grigoryan
Production: Eva Albarran & Co

Garush Melkonyan
Garush Melkonyan is a visual artist and filmmaker. His work mainly combines video, sculpture and installation, exploring the invisible codes that structure communication, discourse and language. Experimentation and improvisation within an already defined framework play an important role in Melkonyan’s practice, as they allow for the creation of a new collaborative environment. His works have been exhibited in group exhibitions, screenings and festivals in venues such as Palais de Tokyo, Paris; La Panacée, Montpellier; Nordenhake Gallery, Mexico City; La Villette, Paris. He had solo exhibitions at Jean Claude Maier Gallery, Frankfurt and Lasecu, Lille 3000. Melkonyan received his MFA from École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts de Paris (2017) and San Francisco Art Institute in 2016. His MFA diploma installation entitled The Interview received the Thaddaeus Ropac Prize.

Just the Four of Us (short, 2018), The Italian Method (2016), Cosmovision (short, 2023).