Armenia / Russia
14 MIN
July 14th
Cinema House, H. Malyan Hall

The story is about a large Armenian family accompanying their son to war. In the eyes of everyone he is a hero, confidently fulfilling his duty to the Motherland, but for a 20-year-old guy this is not entirely true.

Cast & Crew
Produces: Olga Buslova, Hrant Varzhapetyan
Director: Hrant Varzhapetyan
Script: Hrant Varzhapetyan
Director of Photography: Nastya Chernova
Production Design: Veronika Khachatryan
Music: Garik Papoyan “Bzdig Zinvor” (Arto Tunçboyacıyan cover)
Sound: Sergey Golovanov
Editing: Hrant Varzhapetyan
Cast: Levon Vermishyan, Emmi Meghryan, Slava Stepanyan, Zita Badalyan
Production: Nraneh Films, VGIK

Hrant Varzhapetyan
Born in Yerevan in 2000. In 2022, he graduated from the Directing Department of the S. Gerasimov All-Russian University of Cinematography, a.k.a. VGIK (workshop of A. K. Kott, V. K. Kott and A. V. Fenchenko). To date, he has directed five short films based on original scripts. He also acted as a director and co-author of the script for the series Friendzone.

The Dump (short, 2019), The Shoe (short, 2019), The Flare (short, 2022), I Grew up (short, 2023), Home (short, 2024).