89 MIN
July 9th
Cinema House, Grand Hall
July 12th
Moscow Cinema, Blue Hall

Shura finds out that her husband has escaped from the psychiatric hospital where he is locked up and no one knows where he is. Her days begin to be plagued with paranoia and the presence of the man who haunts her. Or is it just her imagination?

Cast & Crew
Producer(s): Juan Matías Musa, Anna Tyurina
Directors: Juan Matías Musa, Anna Tyurina
Script: Anna Tyurina
Director of Photography: Elías Gismondi, Sebastián Gil Miranda
Production Design: Sol Janik
Music: Matteo Mariano
Sound: Jorge Gutiérrez Jiménez
Editing: Ignacio Masllorens
Cast: Tatyana Dmitrievskaya, Olga Lapshina, Anatoliy Stepaniuk
Production: Capilar Films

Anna Tyurina (born Moscow, 1979)
Anna Tyurina graduated from the Moscow Region State University as a linguist-interpreter of English and French. In 2006, she graduated from the VGIK, the Russian State University of Cinematography, studying screenwriting. Since she was young, she has wanted to direct a fiction film. "Nevada" is her first feature as a director. She currently lives in Buenos Aires, working as a screenwriter and director.

Ritual Objects (2011, doc․), Nevada (2023).

Juan Matias Musa (born Córdoba, Argentina, 1979)
Born in Córdoba, Argentina, 1979. Among his varied personal works, he highlights the short fiction films and animations Mal cocido, El hombre átomo, El ascensor, La voix de son pussy, Le toxi gat, Beef Shake, Los pescadores, and the trilogy Fotohistorias Los suicidas consisting of the short films Supervisión, La cúpula and La desgracia; as well as a series of music videos filmed for the TAXXI Tango XXI ensemble in Buenos Aires, Dubai, Moscow and Paris from 2016 to 2021.

Filmography (selected)
Vitaminac (2012), Nevada (2023)․