23 MIN

The story is about three friends living in a small village, who are closely connected to their village and live their childhood happily. The difficult road leading to the village has an important role for the village and their lives. Tatul, Gor and Narek face a number of problems that bother them, but at the same time they give answers to these questions with philosophical views that are not so appropriate for their age.

Cast & Crew
Producer(s): Arthur Sahakyan
Director: Edgar Sargsyan
Script: Edgar Sargsyan
Director of Photography: Simon Davtyan
Music by: Bambir, Katil, Saghsara
Sound: Tatos Hakobyan
Edit: Edgar Sargsyan, Hrant Sardaryan
Production: Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinematography

Edgar Sargsyan
In 2022, Edgar Sargsyan graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema. The documentary film Pathway is his diploma work.

Pathway (short, 2022)