100 MIN
July 8th
Moscow Cinema, Blue Hall
July 9th
Cinema House, Grand Hal

When a 21-year-old girl falls in love with a boy from an oppressed caste, her infuriated family believes that she is possessed by his love spell. They ruthlessly drag her to a distant village shaman to break the spell and erase all her memories of him until she forgets his face by performing witchcraft and sacrificing a rooster. The girl’s innocent future is now dictated by the violent misogynistic patriarchs and their regressive ideologies. This one-day travel exposes the dangerous influence of caste, religion and chauvinism on an average Indian family. Will the girl and the rooster survive this lunacy or will they be victims to their belief system?

Cast & Crew
Producers: Sivakarthikeyan Doss, Kalai Arasu
Director: P. S. Vinothraj
Script: P. S. Vinothraj
Director of Photography: Sakthi Vel B
Production Design: Paul Kingsley
Sound: G. Suren, S. Alagia Koothan, Raghav Ramesh
Editor: Ganesh Siva
Cast: Soori Muthuchamy, Anna Ben
Production: Sivakarthikeyan ProductionsLLP

P. S. Vinothraj
P. S. Vinothraj is a filmmaker hailing from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India. He dropped out of school when he was in class IV owing to poverty. To overcome the financial difficulties at home, he opted to become a child laborer at an early age of 8 and worked in a textile factory in Tirupur until he turned 19. To eke out a living, he then sold DVDs at a roadside shop in Chennai. During this time, he got introduced to a few people from the Tamil film Industry and eventually joined as an assistant director to Sargunam, a Tamil filmmaker. He worked with him for almost four years on two film projects. He then worked as an assistant director for Manal Magudi, a postmodernist theater troupe established by Muruga Boopathy in Kovilpatti, Tamil Nadu. He utilized his time during this venture to shoot a few short films. He shot his debut feature Pebbles, which is inspired by his personal life. The film had its World Premiere in the Tiger Competition category at the 50th IFF of Rotterdam 2021 and went on to win the most coveted Tiger Award.

Pebbles (2021), The Adamant Girl (2023).