83 MIN
July 14th
Cinema House, H. Malyan Hall

A young filmmaker returns to his hometown and attempts to reconnect with his father as the pandemic rapidly accelerates across Brazil. However, their relationship proves to be more complicated with increasingly bizarre phenomena occurring as they get closer.

Cast & Crew
Producer: Ticiana Augusto Lima
Director: Guto Parente
Script: Guto Parente
Director of Photography: Linga Acácio
Production Design: Taís Augusto
Music: Uirá dos Reis, Fafa Nascimento
Sound: Lucas Coelho, Paulo Gama
Editing: Victor Costa Lopes, Guto Parente, Ticiana Augusto Lima 
Cast: Lucas Limeira, Carlos Francisco, Tarzia Firmino, Rita Cabaço, Renan Capivara,
Ana Marlene
Production: Tardo Filmes

Best film, Best Original Soundtrack, Havana FF, Cuba, 2023; Best International Narrative Feature, Best Cinematography, Best Screenplay, Best Performance, Tribeca FF, USA; 2023, Best Screenplay, Best Supporting Actor, Rio de Janeiro IFF, 2023

Guto Parente
Director, screenwriter and editor, Guto Parente (born 1983, Fortaleza) graduated in cinema in the first class of the Audiovisual School of Fortaleza, was a member of the collective of artists Alumbramento (2008-16) and has been a partner of the production company Tardo Filmes since 2012. He made 7 short films – including Flash Happy Society (2009) and Dogs Are Said to See Things (2012), shown at the Locarno FF – and 9 feature films – including Road to Ythaca (2010) and The Monsters (2011), both competing at the BAFICI, where The Monsters received a Special Mention from the jury; The Mysterious Death of Pérola (2014), The Cannibal Club (2018) and Inferninho (2018), all three released at the Rotterdam IFF and exhibited at various festivals around the world. His 10th feature film, A Strange Path, had its world premiere at the 2023 Tribeca FF.

Espuma e Osso (short, 2007), Cruzamento (short, 2007), Passos no Silencio (short, 2008), Flash Happy Society (short, 2009), Road to Ithaca (2010), O Saco Azul (short, 2010), Eu, Turista (short, 2010), The Monsters (2011), At the Wrong Place (2011), Dogs Are Said to See Things (short, 2012), Doce Amianto(2013), The Mysterious Death of Pérola (2014), The Strange Case of Ezequiel (2016), The Cannibal Club (2018), My Own Private Hell (2018), Smiling Jockey (2022), A Strange Path (2023).