26 MIN


The events take place in one of the abandoned villages in Armenia, called Avtune. The hero is a 12-year-old Yezidi boy, Suko. The film depicts the boy's two worlds, their differences. One is the imaginary fairy tale in which Suko imagines himself, the other is the real world in which he lives. The story is about a little Ezidian boy's feelings, thoughts and finding his own self in opposite worlds.

Cast & Crew
Producer(s): Lusine Mirzoyan
Director: Anie Grigorian
Script: Anie Grigorian, Tereza Amryan
Director of Photography: Frunzik Grigoryan
Production Designer: Tigran Harutyunyan
Music by: Grig Balasanyan
Sound: Davit Davtyan
Edit: Anie Grigorian

Anie Grigorian
Born in 2000. Anie Grigorian graduated with honours from the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema, Ruben Grigoryan’s Studio. She has worked on two documentary projects for the Public TV Company of Armenia․ Now she is getting her MA degree from the same Institute, majoring in Feature Directing, under the guidance of Edgar Bagdasaryan.

In her 2nd year of study Ani shot the film Against Colds, which won the Audience Award in the Kin IFF (Armenia). It also participated in the Cefalu FF (Italy). Her next film, Vera, won many prizes not only in Armenia, but also in different European countries. Her last film is her graduating work, Avt'une, was selected in Yerevan Short IFF, Kin IFF, Serbest IFF (Serbia), Jaiyq FF (Kazakhstan), Ca’Foscari Short FF (Italy), Ismailia IFF (Egypt).

Against Colds (short, 2020), Vera (short, 2021), Avt’une (short, 2023)