63 MIN
1991, Restoration։ 2024

Bobo (The Boogeyman) depicts the final days in the life of renowned film director Sergei Parajanov, his emotional attitude and difficult relationship with his reality. This is a psychological analysis of the great maestro’s otherworldly nature, about which we have often not dared to speak. This is a man who was hailed as a genius, accused of being gay, and dismissed as a clown. A man who was considered too commercial by some and sacred by others. The film also contains the complete material filmed by Sergei Parajanov for his final, incomplete movie, Confession. The film also contains his own confession as to why he shut down that project and left his final work incomplete.

Cast & Crew
Color, b/w, 63 min.
Producers: Narine Mkrtchyan, Arsen Azatyan
Directors: Narine Mkrtchyan, Arsen Azatyan
Script: Narine Mkrtchyan, Arsen Azatyan
Director of Photography: Albert Yavouryan
Music: Giovanni Pergolesi, Atlantic Transit Band, Georgian Folk Music
Soung Design and Edited by: NARINE MKRTCHYAN and ARSEN AZATYAN
Sound Operator: ARMEN SAHAKYAN
Cast: Sergey Parajanov, Albert Yavouryan, Arsen Azatyan, Narine Mkrtchyan, Kostas Kalofatis, Alena Varjapetyan, Armen Abelyan
Production: Aysor Studio, Restoration: Aysor-Plus Film Productions

Special Prize, Vision du Reel IFF, Nyon, 1991, Special Prize, Ekaterinburg IFF, 1991, Special Mention, Berlin IFF, 1992, Special Prize, Rotterdam IFF, 1992.

Narine Mkrtchyan, Arsen Azatyan
They both majored in film directing of the culture faculty at Yerevan Pedagogical University. Since graduating in 1981, they worked at the Armenfilm State Studio, directing five short films based on their own scenarios.
In 1990 they established AYSOR and, later on, AYSOR-PLUS FILM PRODUCTIONS, the first independent production company since the collapse of USSR.
To-date, they directed 16 films, including six full-length feature films based on their scenarios. Their films have participated in numerous international film festivals, including Berlin, Rotterdam, Locarno, Montreal, Edinburgh, Sydney, Busan, Goteborg, Toarmina, Odence, Kolkata, Moscow, Tarragona, Houston, Louisville, Hainan, Uruguaya, Fajr etc.

Nature-morte (short, 1981), Self-portrait (short, 1981), I'm a Walrus (short, 1984), Surprise (short, 1984), Bagatelle (short, 1988), Black Holes (short, 1989), Guardian Angel (short, 1990), The Boogeyman (doc., 1991), Radio Yerevan (1992), Christmas (short, 2002), The Sabre Dance (2002), At the Roadside (short, 2004), Andrei (doc., 2006), The Return of the Prodigal Son (2008), The Glass Trinket (2013), About Him or How He Did Not Fear the Bear (2019).