Yemen / Sudan / Saudi Arabia
The Burdened
91 MIN

Aden, Southern Yemen. Isra’a and Ahmed put all their efforts into offering a normal life and education to their three young children. When they find out that Isra'a is pregnant again, they have to make difficult decisions guided only by their family's interest.

Amnesty International Film Prize, Berlin IFF, Panorama, 2023

Cast & Crew
Producer(s): Mohsen Alkhalifi, Amr Gamal
Director: Amr Gamal
Script: Mazen Refaat, Amr Gamal
Director of Photography: Mrinal Desai
Production Designers: Asim Abdulaziz, Tamim Mohammed
Music by: Chen Mingchang
Sound: Rana Eid, Rawad Hobeika
Edit: Heba Othman
Cast: Khaled Hamdan, Abeer Mohammed, Samah Alamrani
Production: Adenium Productions

Amr Gamal
Amr Gamal (born 1983, Poland) is an independent Yemeni film and theatre director. In 2003, he received the President's Award in playwriting. In 2005, Gamal established Khaleej Aden Theatre Troupe; he has written and directed all the theatre productions by the troupe since 2005. His play 'Ma'k Nazel' became the first Yemeni play to be performed in Europe (Berlin) after its big success in Yemen.

In 2018, the production began for his first feature film 10 Days Before the Wedding, the film premiered in Aden, becoming the first film to open commercially in Yemen since the last three decades. The film continued to be screened for over 8 months and became Yemen's official submission to the Oscar in 2018. Amr Gamal lives and works in Aden, Yemen.

The Locked Doors (short, 2012), Women Unchained (short, 2013), 10 Days Before the Wedding (2018), The Burdened (2023)