86 MIN
July 11th
Cinema House, Malyan Hall

Seven convicts run away from a penal colony to a town destroyed by an earthquake in search of their relatives. An old captain goes after them with a two-day liberty order for each of them. But liberty in the destroyed world, permeated with the stench of corpses and perpetuities is no longer necessary. The film is about the on-going catastrophe of the human soul.

Cast & Crew
Director: Dmitry Kesayants
Script: Dmitry Kesayants
Director of Photography: Levon Atoyants, Ashot Mkrtchyan
Production Design: Mikayel Antonyan
Music: Edgar Hovhannisyan, Yuri Harutyunyan
Sound:Anna Drozhenko
Editing: Abov Abovyan
Cast: L.Ghazaryan, G.Ejoyan, A.Muradyan, S.Blikyan, R.Avinyan, T.Mkhoyan, PH.Pakhanyan, V.Grigoryan, R.Ghevondyan

Dmitry Kesayants (1931, Yerevan – 2001, Yerevan)
Dmitry Kesayants worked in a farm (1945 - 1949). In 1950, he graduated from the Yerevan Russian Pedagogical College, worked as an actor at the Theatre for Young Audience. In 1963, Dmitry Kesayants graduated from the Directing Department of the Moscow All-Union State Institute of Cinematography (VGIK, Kozintsev's master class). Since 1963, he worked for Hayfilm Studio.

The Master and the Servant (1962, short), The Yerevan Nuclear Center (1964, doc.), Avdo's Car (1966, short), Good Morning (1967, doc.), My Native Town (1968, doc.), Confession in Love (1969, doc.), King Chakh-Chakh (1969, short), A Shooting on the Border (1970), Song of Eternity (1972, doc.), The Man from Olympus (1974), Inspiration (1975), The Soldier and the Elephant (1977), The March of Our Forefathers (1980), The Fire (1983), The Expected Rider (1984), Illusion (1987), The Damned (1991), Catastrophe (1993), Victory Day (1995, doc.)