12 MIN

While selling goods in the train carriage, Mkhitar notices his peer, Karen, who has his feet on the front seat and his head hanging on the textbook. Silently obeying Mkhitar's remark, Karen lowers his legs and turns his back. Mkhitar, tries various methods to contact the stranger. Karen, with the bag hanging around his neck, shouts in the train carriages and tries to sell Mkhitar's goods, while Mkhitar is deep in his thoughts: is he thinking about the chess problem or life in general?

Cast & Crew
Producer(s): Aram Khachatryan
Director: Lusine Papoyan
Script: Lusine Papoyan
Director of Photography: Artur Ghazaryan
Music by: Arman Kocharyan, Davit Davtyan
Edit: Vahan Yepremyan

Lusine Papoyan
In 2013, Lusine Papoyan participated in the project Yerevan from Sunrise to Sunset, organized by the Polish film school of Vaida, making a documentary film Calendar. In 2015, she graduated with honours from the Yerevan State Institute of Theatre and Cinema, Department of Feature Film Directing. In 2015, she founded the festival of literary creativity Border. From 2016 to the present, Lusine Ppoyan has been working at the Tumo Centre for Creative Technologies as a content developer and a filmmaking coach. In 2016, took part in the Golden Apricot FF with her debut film Radiola, received the Main Prize Web Apricot. In 2017, she continued her studies at the Lenfilm Film Studio in St. Petersburg, specializing in video editing and colour processing.

Chance Meeting (short, 2012), Calendar (doc., 2013), Radiola (short, 2015), Equation with Two Variables (2023).