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Takeshi Kitano
Japanese comedian, filmmaker, and actor Takeshi Kitano initially aspired to be an engineer but soon dropped out and began his career as part of the popular comedy duo Two Beats, using the pseudonym Beat Takeshi. He later focused on his acting and directorial career, earning both fans and awards with films such as the Golden Lion-winning Hana-bi. Mostly known for his yakuza gangster-themed movies, he has also hosted numerous TV shows, such as Takeshi’s Castle. He later also branched into writing and penned several books, including a few novels and a memoir. He has also written columns for newspapers. After a deadly motorcycle accident, which left him partially paralyzed for days, he took to painting and showcased his art at various exhibitions. He has also been an instructor at the Tokyo University of the Arts.

Violent Cop (1989), Boiling Point (1990), A Scene at the Sea (1991), Sonatine (1993), Getting Any? (1995), Kids Return (1996), Fireworks (1997), Kikujiro (1999), Brother (2000), Dolls (2002), Zatoichi (2003), Takeshis' (2005), To Each His Cinema (segment One Fine Day, 2007), Glory to the Filmmaker! (2007), Achilles and the Tortoise (2008), Outrage (2010), Outrage Beyond (2012), Ryuzo to Shichinin no Kobuntachi (2015), Outrage Coda (2017), Kubi (2023).