UK/Palestine / France / Greece / Netherlands / Germany / Qatar / Saudi Arabia
105 MIN
July 8th
July 8th
Cinema House, H. Malyan Hall
Cinema House, H. Malyan Hall

Chatila and Reda are saving to pay for fake passports to get out of Athens. But when Reda loses their hard-earned cash to his dangerous drug addiction, Chatila hatches an extreme plan, which involves them posing as smugglers and taking hostages in an effort to get him and his best friend out of their hopeless environment before it is too late.

Cast & Crew
Producers: Geoff Arbourne, Mahdi Fleifel
Director: Mahdi Fleifel
Script: Mahdi Fleifel, Fyzal Boulifa, Jason McColgan
Director of Photography: Thodoris Mihopoulos
Production Design: Ioanna Soulele
Music: Nadah El Shazly
Sound: Steve Bond, Martin Hernandez
Editing: Halim Sabbagh
Cast: Mahmood Bakri (Chatila), Aram Sabbagh (Reda), Angeliki Papoulia (Tatiana), Mohammad Alsurafa (Malik), Mouataz Alshalton (Abu Love), Mohammad Ghassan (Yasser), Monzer Reyahnah (Marwan)
Production. Inside Out Films, Nakba Filmworks

Mahdi Fleifel
Mahdi Fleifel is a Palestinian-Danish director who graduated from NFTS in the UK. In 2012, his first feature-length documentary A World Not Ours premiered at TIFF and gathered around thirty awards (Berlinale, CPH:DOX, Yamagata, DOC:NYC). He took part in the Cinéfondation in 2013, and subsequently directed several short films: A Man Returned (Silver Bear 2016 EFA nomination), A Drowning Man (Cannes, Bafta nominated), I Signed the Petition (IDFA award and EFA nomination).

A World Not Ours (doc., 2012), Xenos (short, 2013), 20 Handshakes for Peace (short, 2015), A Man Returned (short, 2016), A Drowning Man (short, 2017), I Signed the Petition