52 MIN
July 11th
Cinema House, Malyan Hall

On February 21, 1944 the French resistance figure Missak Manouchyan, was executed inMont-Valerienne along with his friends. That heroic fighter of the movement is my great uncle. 80 years after Missak's execution, I discovered his notebooks to my great excitement.  It’s a real treasure in my hands. I slide my fingers over the French and Armenian pages, which were written by Manush's hand. He confided his doubts, hopes, thoughts and impressions to these notebooks. These notes revive him.

Cast & Crew
Producers: Gilles Perez, Cyrille Perez
Director: Katia Guiragossian
Production. 13 PRODS / Via Découvertes Films / Bars Media / HOKISS-LAB

Katia Guiragossian
Born in 1973, Katia Guiragossian lives in Marseille. She studied literature, cinema and journalism. She completed her training with a Master's degree in audiovisual production.
Katia Guiragossian is an editorial manager (she worked for a long time at OCS, a platform specialized in films and series).
Author, she is currently directing her first documentary: "Missak et Mélinée Manouchian", a personal film about her great-uncle and grand-aunt, two emblematic figures of the foreign Resistance in France. Member of the Elysée select committee for the pantheonization of Missak and Mélinée, she has been involved in remembrance work for many years: research, exhibitions, conferences... and has provided invaluable assistance to numerous projects on the subject (books, comics, colloquia...). She has also re-edited the testimony of her great-aunt Mélinée, originally published in the 70s, prefacing the work with previously unpublished documents, including Missak's precious notebooks that she found in Armenia.
Particularly committed to her two homelands, Katia is the godmother of Phonéton 2024, to which she is fully committed, and also gives talks in schools to pass on the memory but also, and above all, the universalist values of freedom, equality and fraternity that she has inherited.
She is currently writing a fiction series, and retains a particular affinity for documentaries and portraits, convinced that an intimate, embodied story is more powerful than any exposé.
Missak and Mélinée Manouchian (doc., 2024)