24 MIN
July 10th
Russian-Armenian University
July 12th
Cinema House, Grand Hall

A man and a woman meet on a street. His car is broken and she offers her help. After a small talk it becomes obvious that the woman is a sex worker. She agrees to have a ride with him for an ice cream. As their story unfolds, it becomes clear — they're not strangers, but a married couple escaping the ordinary through a playful game, injecting excitement into their everyday lives.

Cast & Crew
Producer(s): Inessa Mkrtchyan
Director: Lilit Movsisyan
Script: Lilit Movsisyan
Director of Photography: Vazgen Martirosyan
Music: Carlos Proteus
Sound: Arsen Hakobyan
Editor: Lilit Movsisyan
Cast: Mariam Mano, Arsen Grigoryan
Production. Motif Films

Lilit Movsisyan
Lilit Movsisyan graduated from the Yerevan State Institute of Theater and Cinema in 2011. Same year she premiered her first film Ashtray. Also in 2011, her short film was the opening sequence in the documentary Life in a Day, produced by Ridley Scott. A year before, in 2010, Lilit Movsisyan won the Award for the Best Screenwriter at Moscow's 3rd Annual International Film School. In 2012, her short film Me Too won 3 prizes at the Syracuse IFF. In 2013, she premiered her first feature length film Caucho, which was nominee in 6 nominations in National Cinema Awards Hayak and won Best Actress. She attended EAVE on Demand Producers Workshop 2018

Voiceless (short, 2009), Ashtray (short, 2011), Life in a Day (segment, 2011), Me Too (short, 2012), Khio (short, 2013), Caucho (2013), Bye Bye (short, 2015), The Trial (short, 2019), Seagulls (short, 2024), Fight (2024).