France / Belgium
80 MIN
July 11th
Cinema House, Grand Hall

Samvel and Avo, Erik and Karen live in the land of a century-old conflict, rooted in the rubble of the Russian Empire. In Nagorno-Karabakh, people live, dream and prepare for a tragedy that is always on the horizon. Over 3 years, Alexis Pazoumian films the epilogue of the black garden, a land where war waits for no one.

Cast & Crew
Producer: Clara Vuillermoz
Director: Alexis Pazoumian
Cinematography: Alexis Pazoumian, Fabien Faure
Music: Rafael Pazoumian (Rio Tigre)
Sound: Laurent Voglaire
Editing:Yannik Leroy
Production: Solent Production, Naoko Films

Alexis Pazoumian
Born in 1988. French-Armenian photographer and director based in Paris, with a degree in graphic design (2012). He takes a social documentary approach to his art, focusing on communities living on the fringes of society. From Armenia to the United States, and more recently in Siberia, notions of humanity, identity and society are at the center of his work. His work has been featured in international exhibitions in Los Angeles, Bratislava, Paris, Lyon, Kuala Lumpur, Melbourne, Vancouver and Zurich – and he has been a finalist in several competitions, in addition to winning the HiP Award in 2020 for his book Sacha. In 2018, he published his first book Faubourg Treme, focused on his long-term photography project in New Orleans. That same year, he directed his first short film Mineur was a finalist at the Nikon FF. In 2020, he published his new book Sacha, which examines the consequences of climate change on the daily life of a reindeer herder in Yakutia. In 2020, his documentary film on Nagorno-Karabakh was broadcast on the French public service channel Arte.

Mineur (short, 2020), Nagorno-Karabakh: Two Children in the War (doc., 2020), The Black Garden (doc., 2024).