94 MIN

The Last Emperor producer Jeremy Thomas makes a land and sea pilgrimage to the Cannes FF every year, travelling from London in an old sports car often with one or two close friends in tow. This year director Mark Cousins was along for the ride and filmed as they went. Their off-beat grand tour takes in landmarks and people connected to the producer's life and films. From the locations in Paris used in Bertolucci's The Dreamers, to Lyon, the birthplace of cinema, and on to the Riviera festival.

Best Documentary, Dias de Cine Awards, Spain, 2023

Cast & Crew
Producer(s): David P. Kelly
Director: Mark Cousins
Script: Mark Cousins
Director of Photography: Mark Cousins
Music by: David Holmes
Sound: Ali Murray
Edit: Timo Langer
Cast: Jeremy Thomas, Debra Winger, Tilda Swinton, Mark Cousins, Rebecca O'Brien
Production: David P. Kelly Films, Creative Scotland, Cyprus Avenue Films

Mark Cousins
Mark is an Irish-Scottish director and writer. His films – including The First Movie, The Story of Film: An Odyssey, What is This Film Called Love?, Life May Be, A Story of Children and Film, Atomic, Stockholm My Love, I am Belfast and The Eyes of Orson Welles – have premiered in Cannes, Berlin, Sundance and Venice film festivals and have won the Prix Italia, a Peabody, the Stanley Kubrick Award, the European Film Award for Innovative Storytelling, and many other prizes. He has filmed in Iraq, Sarajevo during the siege, Iran, across Asia and in America in Europe. He has honorary doctorates from the Universities of Edinburgh and Stirling.
Mark’s books include Imagining Reality: The Faber Book of Documentary, The Story of Film
and The Story of Looking. They have been published around the world. He has collaborated
with Tilda Swinton on innovative film events, and tried to find new, passionate, filmic ways to
explore his themes: looking, cities, cinema, childhood, and recovery.
He is the Chair of the Belfast Film Festival, a Patron of the Edinburgh International Film Festival and an advisor to Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival. His 14 hour documentary Women Make Film tries to rethink cinema. It is narrated by Jane Fonda, Tilda Swinton, Sharmila Tagore, Kerry Fox, Debra Winger, AdjoaAndoh and Thandie Newton. His newest film is The Storms of Jeremy Thomas. He has walked across Los Angeles, Belfast, Moscow, Beijing, London, Paris, Berlin, Dakar and Mexico City. He once drove from Edinburgh to Mumbai, and loves night swimming.

Dear Mr. Gorbachev (1989), Gulf War: Scottish Eye (1990), Another Journey by Train (1993), I Know Where I'm Going! Revisited (1994), Ian Hamilton Finlay: In a Wee Way (1996), I Remember IKWIG (1996), Scene by Scene (1997-2001), Moviedrome (1997-2000), Cinema Iran (2005), On the Road with Kiarostami (2005), Faith (2005), First Impressions (2008), The New Ten Commandments: Kenny Richie (2008), The New Ten Commandments: 8 1/2 (2008), The New Ten Commandments (2008), The First Movie (2009), The Story of Film: An Odyssey (2011), 60 Seconds of Solitude in Year Zero (2011), Cinema Is Everywhere (2011), What Is This Film Called Love? (2012), Dear Georges Melies (2013), Apollo: Prvo ratno kino (2013), Here be Dragons (2013), A Story of Children and Film (2013), Homeless (2014), The Wind in the Trees (2014), The Place (2014), Life May Be (2014), The Oar and the Winnowing Fan (2014), But Then Again, Too Few to Mention (2014), The Film That Buys the Cinema (2014), 6 Desires: D. H. Lawrence and Sardinia (2014), Dear John Grierson (2014), Your Eyes Flash Solemnly with Hate (2015), I am Belfast (2015), Atomic, Living in Dread and Promise (2015), Antonia Bird: From EastEnders to Hollywood (2016), Stockholm, My Love (2016), Bigger than The Shining (2016), Eisenstein on Lawrence (2016), Storm in My Heart (2017), The Eyes of Orson Welles (2017), Women Make Film: A New Road Movie through Cinema (2019), Alexander's Film (2020), 40 Days to Learn Film (2020), This Violation (2020), Dear Paul Schrader (2020), The Storms of Jeremy Thomas (2021), The Story of Looking (2021), The Story of Film: A New Generation (2021), The Flowers, the Fish and the Cockerel (2021), The Ballad of a Great Disordered Heart (2022), Marcia su Roma (2022), My Name Is Alfred Hitchcock (2022).